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Occasional Cleaning services from Molly Maid are best for overdue spring cleanings, party cleanups, and more. These are going to be one-time cleanings for when life just got too overwhelming and cleaning : up is just too far out of hand, or if you wish to try out Molly Maid#8217;s service without worrying about scheduling additional services. If you are pleased with your cleaning , service, the Molly Maid office staff will gladly help you plan regular cleaning services. Molly Maid house cleaning prices range from $75 to $96 for a team of two cleaners for 1 hour. Comparison information taken directly from the website among other reputable websites, all of which are listed below: Cleaning of the laundry room. Once the filthy garments, sports jerseys, and cleaning cloths come for their makeover, they leave a trail of filth in their wake. Molly Maid hasn’t forgotten that your laundry area is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning as well. Learn more about our laundry room cleaning services, as well as some useful cleaning advice from our cleaning professionals.average cost of maid serviceThe average cost of house cleaning in the United States is around $160, with an average of around $90 for a home less than 1,000 square feet and $250 or more for a house 3,000 square feet according to Home Advisor. While the national average is generally between $115 , and $227, keep in mind prices vary according to the location and the size of the home. , Deep cleaning #8211; price depends on the size, please refer to our online booking form. Adds extra time to focus on areas that require more attention. Doesn#8217;t include cleaning inside appliances, washing walls or inside cabinets. Feel free to select more than 1 deep cleaning if you feel that your space needs it and hasn#8217;t been cleaned professionally in less than 3 months. If your place hasn#8217;t been cleaned professionally in over 3 months, please add at least 2 deep cleanings.professional oven cleaning service near meProfessional oven cleaning specialist in Watford and surrounding areas. Book today: or call 07474927154 / 02084210626. We at End of Tenancy Cleaning Me have years of experience cleaning , ovens, toasters and other kitchen appliances. Our clients can book the oven cleaning separately or as part of our move-out cleaning service. The professional-grade products we use are non-toxic but highly efficient in removing grime, grease and burnt food from the stove. In addition, we are trained to safely take apart the different pieces of various cooking appliances to scrub all the hard-to-reach places both inside and out. If you don't want to deal with the chore of cleaning your oven you should leave it to us, we will happily do the job you hate. What's more, our hugely competitive pricing and fixed rate cleaning service means you can enjoy great value for money with no additional hidden costs. A list of some of the items we can clean is shown below:


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